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How dangerous is drowsy driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

Drowsy drivers present dangers to themselves, passengers, fellow commuters, pedestrians and others. While traveling on a long or short trip in Oregon, a driver should not overlook the potential dangers of drowsy driving. Having a coffee might help someone stay alert in the short term, but it may not be enough. Better planning could reduce the chances of drowsy driving incidents; sometimes, not driving at all might be best.

Dealing with drowsy driving

Drowsy driving could be more than an uncomfortable experience. A tired driver might not possess the necessary attention or reaction time required to avoid an accident. If someone outright falls asleep at the wheel, a fatal crash may result. Therefore, anyone experiencing fatigue while driving should take warning signs seriously.

Not traveling while too tired may be the right decision. If it is not necessary to go on the road, why take risks? When someone must get somewhere, calling a rideshare service for a short trip could be the better plan.

Other steps may prove advisable. Getting more sleep the night before, avoiding substances that might cause fatigue or drowsiness, and avoiding times of the day prone to sluggishness could all help.

When a person feels tired while driving, it might be necessary to pull over in a safe place. Continuing to drive while drowsy could lead to a regrettable life-changing incident. Parking the car, booking a rideshare trip or spending the night in a motel is better than potentially causing a fatal collision.

Stay alert to the warning signs

Anyone who starts suffering attention issues due to fatigue should not ignore the red alerts. Failing to notice traffic signs, lights and exits or otherwise experiencing disoriented behavior might mean something is seriously wrong.

Drowsy driving-related motor vehicle accidents might lead to a devastating personal injury lawsuit. Anyone injured by a fatigued, distracted or otherwise impaired driver may want to set up a meeting with a personal injury attorney.