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3 sources of evidence to prove someone else caused the crash

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

Figuring out who is really to blame for a car crash is a crucial step. The person who causes the collision will have liability for any property damage or personal injury that results. They may end up paying more for insurance after the crash because the other people involved make a claim against their policy. They could even face civil litigation if they don’t have enough insurance.

Unfortunately, those financial consequences for a collision may inspire drivers at fault for crashes to deny their responsibility for these wrecks and possibly even lie to the police officers who respond to the crashes to investigate.

How can you conclusively prove that the other driver who won’t admit responsibility is to blame for your recent wreck?

Mobile phone use data

If you believe that the other driver was on their phone when the crash occurred, their mobile phone service provider may have a record of that usage. Even if a driver deletes a text message from their phone or even removes an app before the police arrive, there will be a record of any data transferred with their phone company.

Lawyers and police officers can potentially get those records to help resolve issues after a car crash. Proving that someone was on the phone or posting to social media when they crashed could make it quite clear who is responsible for the wreck.

Secure camera footage

One of the most authoritative forms of evidence would be video footage of the collision or the moments right before the crash. There are traffic cameras at many intersections in North Carolina.

There are also quite a few drivers who have dashboard cameras in their vehicles for insurance purposes. There could even be security camera footage from nearby businesses or residences that captures the collision.

Look for witnesses

Often, there are other drivers or even pedestrians nearby when a crash occurs who can testify about what happened. Individuals who don’t have a direct connection to you will make a more compelling witness than you or the passengers in your vehicle. Witness statements, while not always authoritative, can play a role in helping you prove fault.

Gathering evidence can help you pursue an insurance claim or possibly a civil lawsuit following a motor vehicle collision.