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Carthage Stop Wage Garnishment Lawyers

In North Carolina, it is more difficult than in most other states for creditors to collect payments from debtors through wage garnishment. Aside from judgments ordering child support awards, taxes, student loans, and payment for ambulance services, wage garnishment is generally not available to judgment creditors.

Nevertheless, creditors with out-of-state judgments often send garnishment orders to employers of North Carolina residents. This is illegal. If your wages are being garnished, or even if you have been threatened with wage garnishment, you should consult with an experienced bankruptcy and stop-wage-garnishment attorney immediately. If the garnishment is illegal, not only can you have the funds that have been illegally garnished returned, you may be able to receive additional penalties and attorney’s fees from the creditor.

The Carthage stop-wage-garnishment attorneys at Rowland & Yauger, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, can protect you against illegal wage garnishment actions. The firm can also guide you through the complex bankruptcy process, allowing you to reset your financial life. We have offices in Carthage and Asheboro, and we serve residents throughout Moore and Randolph Counties and beyond.

Asheboro Wage Garnishment Lawyer

The fact that it is more difficult in North Carolina for creditors to garnish wages is not a good reason to postpone resolving debt problems. At Rowland & Yauger, we are not here to lecture you on how you should have managed your finances better. Our only objective is to help you clear away unmanageable debt and restart your financial life through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If you would like to learn more about protecting yourself from wage garnishment, call 336-691-2876 locally or toll free at 910-722-9717, or use our contact form to schedule an appointment. With offices in Carthage and Asheboro, we serve residents throughout the Sandhills, Pinehurst, Aberdeen and Southern Pines regions of North Carolina.

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