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Criminal Law FAQs

FAQ: Answering Your Criminal Law Questions

With years of experience handling complex criminal defense matters in North Carolina, you can trust Rowland & Yauger to resolve your legal problems. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. For answers to some common criminal law questions, look below.

What Are My Options? How Does This Process Work? Do I Need An Attorney?

Chances are that your case will begin in district court, with the court advising you of your right to counsel. It is an important initial consideration whether you want to hire your own attorney, ask the court to appoint an attorney to represent you (if you are indigent, i.e., unable to afford representation on your own), or represent yourself. Obviously, our advice is to seriously consider obtaining counsel, whether it be by hiring an attorney of your own choosing or asking the court to consider appointing an attorney to represent you. There are many legal issues to consider in any given case, and each case requires a thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances of the case. Our attorneys have handled thousands of criminal matters over the years, and can help you determine if the legal issues in your case merit a trial, or if an admission of guilt (a guilty plea) to the charge, or a lesser charge, may be in your best interests.

Will a Court-Appointed Lawyer Work In My Best Interest?

We are often asked if court-appointed clients are treated differently from those who are privately retained. Our answer is simple: A lawyer’s duty is to zealously defend the legal rights of his or her clients within the law, and we believe in that. Your legal issues are important to us, and we believe in giving each of our clients our best efforts, regardless of whether they — or the State of North Carolina — is paying us. We have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases through trial or plea bargain for both privately retained clients and those appointed to us by the court. We believe in representing our clients with competence and compassion.

Do you have more questions about criminal law? For a free consultation, call toll free 910-722-9717 for our Carthage office or 910-722-9717 for our Asheboro office.