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Social Security Income Or Disability

Have you been denied benefits?

About 75% of all applicants are denied benefits the first two times they apply for Social Security Income or Disability benefits. The single biggest mistake people make is failing to appeal within the appropriate time period. More than two thirds of the people who are denied at the first step fail to ask for reconsideration. Also, failing to keep in contact with your treating doctor and following his instructions can be damaging to your case. The best way to be sure that you receive a full and fair hearing and all the benefits to which you are entitled, is to have the help of an attorney who understands Social Security Regulations and Law, and is interested in YOUR RIGHTS. Let Rowland & Yauger‘s experienced attorneys help you secure your Social Security benefits.

Please visit Social Security Claims for additional information you may need.

Whether your legal concern is relatively simple or very complex, let one of Rowland & Yauger‘s dedicated and experienced North Carolina Social Security Disability attorneys begin working on a favorable resolution. We invite you to Contact us or call our office at 336-691-2876 or toll free at 910-722-9717 for a free consultation about your legal rights.

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