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Driving While License Revoked

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The consequences of a conviction of Driving While Licensed Revoked in North Carolina can be severe. Many individuals charged with this offense do not realize that it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in North Carolina punishable by up to 120 days in jail depending upon the individual’s prior record. Additionally, a conviction of Driving While License Revoked may cause your license to be revoked for at least an additional year, and in some cases for individuals with multiple convictions, it may permanently suspend their right to obtain a driving privilege in this state.

Our attorneys are familiar with the latest changes in the driving laws and how they can affect your particular case. While each case is different, our attorneys have developed a systemized approach to help you determine if your case is appropriate for a trial, or whether a negotiated guilty plea is in your best interest. In either event, it is our goal to give each case our best efforts, educate our clients about the possible outcomes, and prepare them for court. We have successfully handled hundreds of these cases for our clients.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling traffic and criminal matters throughout our judicial district, which consists of Moore, Randolph, and Montgomery counties, N.C. We can also assist you with representation in the surrounding counties of Chatham, Hoke, Lee, and Cumberland, N.C.

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If you have a Driving While License Revoked charge pending in District Court, Rowland & Yauger invite you to contact our office for a free consultation to learn how we can assist you in handling this matter. Contact us or call our office at 336-691-2876 or toll free at 910-722-9717.

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