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Carthage Divorce Modifications Lawyers

People’s lives change more rapidly than ever. As a result, original court orders in a divorce can become impossible to carry out. Long-term unemployment, a second marriage, one parent’s relocation, or a catastrophic injury to a minor child necessitating increased medical expenses are just a few examples why modifications to child custody, child support or visitation decrees may be necessary.

The attorneys at Rowland & Yauger, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, can represent you in post-divorce modification matters, whether you are attempting to get a modification approved or you need to fight to block a modification request.

Post-judgment modifications can extend to practically any area that has been agreed to under the terms of the divorce, including child support, child custody or spousal support. The court requires that there has been a substantial and material change in the circumstances, which warrants such a modification.

Asheboro Child Support Modifications Attorney

We have thorough knowledge of the procedure and circumstances that must be shown to amend a court order. We can help you defend or present against an alleged change of circumstances.

If you face the possibility of a post-divorce modification, early advice from our experienced family law attorneys can help you understand your options and the best way to proceed. We also help our clients with child support enforcement issues if a party is failing to comply with a court order.

We offer a consultation in which our lawyers can answer any of your questions regarding family law matters and recommend the next steps to take. Call 910-722-9717 or use our contact form to schedule a meeting with our Carthage divorce modifications attorneys.

With offices in Carthage and Asheboro, we serve residents throughout the Sandhills, Pinehurst, Aberdeen and Southern Pines regions of North Carolina. We regularly appear on behalf of clients in courts in Moore and Randolph Counties, as well as many surrounding counties.