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3 car crash injuries that can end blue-collar careers

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Blue-collar professionals use their bodies to perform work. Their health is, therefore, crucial to their earning potential. Whether someone works in construction or a manufacturing facility, their physical health and strength have a profound impact on their ability to continue working. Typically, blue-collar workers continue working in their demanding careers until they reach retirement age.

Unfortunately, some people develop medical challenges that could affect their ability to continue working in their chosen professions. A car crash could potentially be the reason that someone can no longer work a well-paid job. For example, the following types of crash injuries could leave someone incapable of continuing a blue-collar career.

A spinal cord injury

Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of spinal cord injury. Both complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries can affect someone’s ability to perform job tasks safely. Workers may need to move into lower-paid professions because they lose motor function or sensation below the site of a spinal cord injury.

Severe fractures

Broken bones often do not make the list of catastrophic injuries. However, when people work with their bodies, musculoskeletal injuries can have major implications. Particularly if someone has a comminuted fracture where the bone breaks into multiple pieces, the damage to their body could forever affect their functional abilities. Workers could also potentially develop medical conditions caused by broken cones that affect their ability to work.

A traumatic brain injury

Car crashes can very easily hurt someone’s brain. The possible symptoms created by a traumatic brain injury (TBI) include memory issues, challenges with balance and changes in personality. Skilled blue-collar workers may no longer be able to safely perform their job functions due to the symptoms of a TBI.

A car crash that leads to injuries may create more expenses than just medical bills. People may also need to address lost earning potential and lost wages. Filing a car insurance claim can compensate some people, but a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary for blue-collar workers who must change careers after car crashes. Being realistic about the long-term impact that an injury may have on someone’s health could assist those trying to rebuild after a major injury occurs.